a) Check if you have the wordpress last version installed. If not, update to the last version.

b) Check your site’s health status under Tools > Site Health. This page will run a number of different checks and provide important information about your WordPress configuration and any items that require your attention.

c) Fill out all settings fields for ours plugins.

d) Check your memory status:

Ours plugins and themes can tell to you if you have enough free memory or not and advise how to improve it. Usually have one Memory CheckUp tab or dashboard warning. Please, check that.  Try to run your site with low memory is a critical error !

Try our free plugin WP Memory to get tips about memory.

e) Activate only the plugins required by our theme.

If works fine, begin to activate your anothers plugins, one each time.

After install each plugin, look the site.

If stops of works, means that plugin is defective or  not compatible with our plugin and you need replace it. For more details, please, look our page:

f) Use updated (last version) browser Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Avoid to use internet explorer.

g) Set the permalink to Post Name to avoid 404 error pages

Settings => Permalink 

If 404 error persist, try empty the cache of your browser and  mark permalink as PLAIN, save and then mark as POST NAME again and save.

h) If you are running WordPress Version 5.2 or bigger, Check your site health in:

Dashboard => Tools => Site Health

i) Try to change debug to true in your wp-config.php:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

change to

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

and look your front page.

Javascript errors

Check your javascript console if you don’t have javascript errors in your site. Javascript errors can kill WordPress plugins and themes.

Javascript console for Chrome

Open Google Chrome and go to your site.
Press: Ctrl + Shift + J.
Error Console window will show you the errors in red color.

For more details, run a search in google “how do I diagnose  javascript errors on my site” and visit this page:

Stop Bad Bots Users

If you installed Stop Bad Bots and Bots are still accessing your website, please, read our online guide, topics :

  • Bots are still accessing your website
  • How can i test if the plugin it is working?

Link to test for conflicts page.

Note for plugin users:  please, install our free theme (fordummies) and run a test. You can install it from wordpress repository. Check for javascript errors and if our plugin works. Then, install again your old theme and check again… If you find erros in your theme, replace the theme or request support to theme’s developer.

If you have a professional version of ours themes or plugins, we can install and check for errors for free to you.

After check all above, please,  go to our support page.